Haulotte, S7 Airlines and Airbus Corporation

The modern aircraft is a fairly reliable product, but this does not mean that once assembled at the plant over the years of operation, it will require only minimal maintenance. To ensure safety, one of the most important conditions is the implementation of planned forms of maintenance. Let's see about where and how they are conducted today.

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S7 Airlines and Airbus Corporation signed a contract for the conversion of two Airbus A320 aircraft with new wing tips : Sharklets. Engineers begin preparing the wing of the aircraft for dismantling.

Ending and sharklet have different weigh : the first is about 70 kg, the second 40 kg.


The wing on aircraft released before 2012 can not just be taken and strengthen - it requires more serious work.

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This is followed by work on the accession of sharklet and electronics (signal lights), and then modify the system and software (new chassis specifications require the computer for other calculations).

Making adjustments to the software will take a few more hours and the aircraft will be ready for further operation.

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Technicians work very fast but afety is always the most important!

The cost of a set of sharklets is about $ 1 million.

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The safety of work at height first!