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Haulotte Financial Services offers a wide range of financial solutions designed to meet the varying needs of your business. Some of our most popular lease options are featured below. Take a moment to review them and feel free to call our representative for more information or any questions you may have.



Financial Lease

With a Financial Lease, your company acquires ownership following end of lease.


Level monthly payment
Lessee owns equipment at end of lease term
Deduction of full rentals for tax consideration
Payment of equipment over time


Fixed costs aid budgeting
Borrower takes full advantage of tax benefits
Conserves working capital

Operating Lease

(Financial Lease with balloon payment) With an operating lease your company pays rent for equipment use and has various options at the end of the lease.


Level monthly payments
At the end of lease you may purchase equipment, extend the lease, upgrade to a newer model or return the equipment to Haulotte Financial Services.
Lessee may claim payments as expense (subject to advice of your accountant)
Pay only for equipment use
May provide planned replacement


Fixed costs aid budgeting
Operational ownership
May provide tax benefits
Conserves working capital
At term end, equipment may be replaced with new unit
Lower monthly payments